About The Event

We invite people of all ages and biking abilities to join us on a lively, spring bike ride on Saturday May 20th 2017.  We offer options for everyone.  Choose from four different bike routes ranging from 50 miles to the 200 miles

There will be multiple rest stops with attendants, beverages, health bars, and wraps.

We have volunteers and drivers to help with bikes and transportation along the way.  Explore tranquil pinewood forests surrounded by old, weathered farmhouses with wildflowers and vegetable stands in the front yard.

Come feel the refreshing sea breeze against your face as we ride into Avalon and down along the coast.  Sightsee the pastel cottages of Stone Harbor before crossing the bridge into Wildwood.

Finish up the day with the salty wind against your back as you ride down the boardwalk towards our final destination, The Fountain Motel.

Relax with a beer or Gatorade and good company during our post ride pizza party.  Stay over and help us celebrate another successful bike ride to the shore or catch a ride back to your car.

We accommodate different biking abilities, and experience within a spectrum of routes.  All routes are clearly marked with road paint and orange cones.  Bikers will be provided with cue sheets and emergency contact numbers for support volunteers.

Starting Times

Starting times depend on which ride you choose.  Please be at the event by these times.

1. Half Century - 9:00 am at  St John Bosco Parish, 2 Hillcrest Ave, Millville, NJ 08332

2. Metric, Full Century or Double Century - 7:30 am at the ACME in Woodstown, NJ

Choose Your Ride

Half Century - 50 miles

This route is ideal for the novice to intermediate biker who is interested in biking along the coast but isn't prepared for a full century ride.  Enjoy biking the first 12 miles, have lunch at the Wawa, then get back on your bike for the final 43 miles through the Pine Barrens and straight down the coast into Wildwood.

Bathrooms available at miles 12 and 30
Rest stops at miles 12 and 30.
View / Download the 50 mile bike course on ridewithgps.com

Be in the parking lot of the St John Bosco Parish in Millville NJ at 8:30 am.  The ride begins at 9:00 am sharp.  There aren't bathrooms at the Parish, but there is a Wawa about a quarter mile away.

Bike4Beds Metric & Century

This route is ideal for experienced bikers who are interested in the full century ride through the width of New Jersey and down the coast into Wildwood.  This is the original route that we mapped out in an effort to take riders over quiet country roads with scenic views.  This moderately flat course is a good course to do your first century.  Riders should train for this route.  There are multiple rest stops with refreshing beverages and snacks.  We will stop at Wawa for lunch.  If you complete the full 100 miles, we will add your name to our new Century Club on the website!

Rest stops at miles 32, 46, 58, 80, and 95
Bathrooms available at miles 32, 58, and 80
View / Download the bike course on ridewithgps.com

Be in the parking lot of the Acme in Woodstown NJ at 7:00 am.  The ride begins at 7:30 am sharp.

Bike4Beds Double Century - 200 miles

This is a two day ride. The first 100 miles is from Acme in Woodstown to Wildwood NJ on Saturday May 20th and the second 100 miles is on Sunday May 21st from Wildwood NJ back to Acme in Woodstown. The first half of the ride is the same as described in the 100 mile section right above. This is the first year we are offering the Double Century and we already had a few riders sign up. Matt Ritz is leading this ride, please contact him with more questions at bike4beds@gmail.com.

View / Download the 100 miles bike course to wildwood on ridewithgps.com
View / Download the 100 miles return bike course on ridewithgps.com

Rest Stops

There will be rest stops for bikers to get water, Gatorade, powerbars, and wraps.  Please see your bike course for where the rest stop milage or click here to see Rest Stops & Starting Locations.

Transportation Options

Join us for the full day event or head back to the starting point after your ride.  We will provide transportation for you, your bike, and your gear back to your car at the Acme in Woodstown, NJ or the St John's Parish in Millville, NJ.

  • Van A - Traveling back to Millville & Woodstown NJ from Wildwood, NJ at 6 to 7 pm on Saturday evening May 20th
  • Van B - Traveling back to Millville & Woodstown, NJ from Wildwood, NJ at 12 to 1 pm on Sunday morning May 21st

What to Bring

Please bring your bike, spare inner tubes, a bike helmet, and a charged cell phone.  The route is intended to have little automobile traffic, however there are a few places where the automobile traffic is heavy.  Note: Helmets are required!

Hotel Accommodations

After the ride we will be hosting a pizza party at the Fountain Motel in Wildwood, NJ.  Kick back, have a beverage and a slice of pizza; and relax after an active day in the sun!  If you are staying the night, bring a bathing suit so you can cool in the pool or the Ocean.  For information on hotel accommodations please check out The Fountain Motel's website.  Don't forget to mention that you are with the Bike4Beds organization for the preferred rate.