Annual Fall Bike Event

Sunday, September 3 2017

Please join us and help us celebrate our tenth year of biking and raising money.

The Cause, The Goal

We are riding to support the academic and health services of the Cavaillon Orphange and the All of God’s Children Orphanage in Haiti.
100% of the funds raised by this Bike4Beds event will assist the Cavailon Orphange provide tuition, school supplies, school uniforms, food, and medical items for their orphans as well as fund an exciting IT education program at the All of God’s Children Orphanage elementary school.

The Ride

We invite people of all ages and biking abilities to join us on a lively, fall bike ride. We offer options for everyone Choose from two different routes 30 or (56 / 62) miles.

There are multiple rest stops with attendants, beverages, health bars.

Relax with refreshments after the ride at the velodrome. Everyone is welcome to join us for a post picnic party.

How To Sign Up

1). Choose Your Ride
2). Fill Out the Bikers Registration Form
3). Show Up And Bike!


The 30 and (56 / 62) mile rides will start at the Cycling Center - Velodrome, 1151 Mosser Rd, Breinigsville, PA 18031

Choose Your Ride

30 miles

Starting at 8:30am; this is our traditional ride. This route boasts of relatively flat scenic country roads where you are more likely to see a horse and buggy than an automobile. There is a rest stop at mile 15, where you will not only get water, gatoraid, snacks, and pizza, but also a complimentary beer at the Bowers Hotel.
The 30 mile bike route

56 or 62 miles

Starting at 8:30am, this is a new route where you have two options 1. Bike up Hawk Mountain (62 miles) 2. Skip Hawk Mountain (56 miles). Both routes will take you to a rest stop at Leaser Lake. This ride boasts of beatutiful country roads that take you out of the valley and into the hills. There will be three rest stops, miles 15, 30 and 45. This ride has either 3400 or 4300 feet of gain that will challenge you with scenic quiet country roads.
1) The 56 mile bike route
2) The 62 miles Hawk Mt. bike route

There will be refreshments at the Velodrome, and everyone will be invited to an after picnic.


Directions to the Velodrome